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Database Development

Your company’s data is a valuable advantage in the marketplace because no two companies share the same data. To enjoy these benefits, your data must be easily accessible. Depanding the seniority of your company probably some of this data is stored on old database difficult to access via web or new interfaces. Maybe the database structure does not respond quickly to web requests. Whatever the constraints, we have the necessary resources capable of developing personalized software allowing you to exploit this data.

Business Intelligence

To ensure data quality, we help our clients develop a BI strategy, design or optimize BI architecture, and automate reporting to satisfy your needs for informed decision-making and maximize business evolution.




Custom Database Design

The best database solutions need to be customized because each organization's data is unique. Developing custom database software ensures availability of crucial data increases business goals, facilitating business growth. The reliability of data-dependent applications depends on the design of a good database architecture.

Data Mining and Transformation

Valuing data requires working with database experts who know how to leverage good quality data to support business growth. Process relevant data circulating in the company. Develop automated processes to clean, exploit and transform data as quickly as possible. Our team will accompany you through all stages of data processing through automation.

Database Application Development

The personalize application must prioritize the objectives and needs of the company. Together with our developers we must identify and understand what data is needed and why, find quality data and provide the necessary information in usable formats. Our teams work closely with clients to ensure business goals are met every step of the way, making adjustments .

Data Integration & Migration

Efficient data transfer by consolidating data platform protocols ensures consistency across data integration. Transfer data from obsolete systems to up-to-date systems using automated processes. Using automated processes, to migrate data from old systems to new databases that work with more secure applications, ensuring that data integrity and security are maintained.

BI Development

Once the data processing is finalized, we provide our clients with a BI environment. Responding to their business needs, our BI team supports you in the choice of equipment, in the choice of technologies to adapt to your environment, the development of a data warehouse, the implementation of ETL processes and data cleaning, the delivery of OLAP/ROLAP systems, as well as in the acquisition of software licenses.

Dashboard & Virtualization

We help our clients look beyond the numbers, to focus on the important information through specialized graph management technologies to immediately spot changes and trends. With your consent we customize reports and dashboards to make you proactive, solve security issues, we develop versions for mobile devices, to allow you to have access to your data wherever you are.


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