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Cloud Transformation

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Cloud Computing

Many businesses today rely on cloud infrastructure. Our team specializing in cloud computing will provide you with cloud solutions that will give you access to computing, storage and network resources on demand. These resources can come from your own data center, a cloud provider, or your hybrid environment. Depending on the types of services and deployment models you choose, it will help you manage costs while enabling you to quickly launch new products or services, expand to new sites, and maximize performance and productivity. .

Store, back up and recover data

Trust our expertise to protect your data more cost-effectively and at scale by moving your data over the Internet to an offsite cloud storage system that can be accessed from any location and any device.




Private Cloud

Our experts provide consultation and support for the development of your Private Cloud. While keeping your data locally, you can take advantage of virtualization and maximize the use of your equipment, our experts have the experience and adequate knowledge in virtualization to build successful projects in the minimum time.

Public Cloud

Your company hesitates to integrate the Public Cloud despite your needs, you do not know which solution to adopt: Azure, AWS, services sold on demand, generally by minute or by hour. Our team in cloud computing is ready to support you from the beginning to the end of your adventure and even to offer you other alternatives.

Hybrid Cloud

For customers who need to keep some services locally and others in the cloud, for greater accessibility and security. Our engineers will develop a tailor-made solution to maximize the use and benefits of the environment while maintaining the speed and efficiency of information stored locally in your data centers.

Backup As a Service

Our engineers support you in setting up a secure and cloud-based storage service for your local or cloud server infrastructures, client infrastructures, from the installation of a main backup solution to the addition of an existing solution with an additional target or repository.

Email As a Service

We have a whole team specializing in messaging systems and a partner (Captive IT Solution) with a long experience, to assist you and meet your needs ranging from personalized integration to simplified invoicing through training resources in live and virtual, all designed to serve the functionality offered by O 365.

Hosted Cloud Solution

As part of the deployment of a basic web solution, migration of IT infrastructure to a secure cloud environment, our team will implement ways to access your information via web portals and web applications, in a very flexible environment. You'll have access to your data on any computer in the world, including mobile .


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